MagratheaI finished another knit!

It’s Magrathea, by Martina Behm. I really really loved knitting this – the construction is super interesting, and the result is an asymmetrical shawlette/scarflette. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t quite get the points to block out the same way on both sides, but I think it still looks good.

I knitted this for a Mother’s Day swap with my lovely February 2010 Ravelry pals, or Ravelmamas, as we like to call each other. :) (Our group started because we were all pregnant and due around the same time.) It’s winging its way to a secret location right now!


I look sort of nuts in this picture, but I wanted to show you how long the scarf got once I blocked it. o hai I am so dorky. I used Araucania Ranco, which is soft and lovely and comes in beautiful colors. I actually went to the yarn store looking for a semi solid worsted weight yarn for a different pattern, but I fell in love with this yarn and decided to knit Magrathea instead. I’m glad I did. I had so much fun knitting it that I immediately cast on for another shawl – this time, for myself.

One last (kinda crappy) pic so you can see the lace a little better:

Magrathea, from the back.
from the back.

I already received my swap package and got an absolutely beautiful Aeolian Shawl – from a mama who just had another baby, too!

Gorgeous shawl from my Ravelmama friend Jamie.
Gorgeous shawl from my Ravelmama friend Jamie.

Yay for Ravelry friends and swaps!


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    That shawl you knit and the one you got are both really pretty! And look at all your blogging! That is inspiring me to blog something…

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    I just found your lovely blog this evening.Those shawls are aboslutely beautiful!
    I’m off to take a look around your blog a bit more.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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    Ok so this comment has absolutely nothing to do with this particular post but I have a question. You’ll have to forgive me if this is a dumb question. I’m trying to find a way to subscribe to your blog via RSS or just through wordpress or email or something. I just found your blog and I love it and as I too am a mom of a baby I am forgetful and I’m afraid I’ll never remember you if I don’t have some sort of subscription! Thanks in advance!

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    Love that purple shawl. I’ve had a moritorium on books, I’m behind on the two dozen just curl up and read not to mention all the patterns I have stacked in line to be done what with the new business and all, but I may have to get this one.

    My Mom would love it and I haven’t made her anything that wasn’t large and chunky lately. And I could use a new yarn I just got in called Summertime. Really bright and funky. The Mommy needs some of this in her life to fight the frump. I should mention she’s 66 so she’s entitled to some frump if she wants.


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    hey, your chevron hat brought me here, i’m from georgia too! i havent heard of a ravelry friend swap, that sounds awesome ! x

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