I have been trying to knit a skirt for YEARS. Seriously. I’m totally inspired by all the lovely skirts that Diana of Bestitched has made – so wearable! so flattering!  I’ve tried several times using some Euroflax Sportweight that I’ve had in my stash for ages, and every time I knit it up, it comes out too big. Even if I do a gauge swatch. (which I sometimes, um, skip. ha.) So, last July, I found the perfect pattern and yarn to make a skirt – the Sawtooth Skirt, using Berroco Linen Jeans.  I swatched! And started knitting!


Fast forward to this week – I’d finally picked it up again to finish it, and the waist was looking huge. I pulled it on just to see if it would fit, and it looked GIANT. Sad panda. I decided I was going to rip it, because this yarn is beautiful and I didn’t want to waste it.

Knitted skirt,  almost done.

Then a friend suggested trying some elastic in the waistband. I was planning to use elastic for the waist, so it seemed like a good idea to at least TRY before ripping all those hours of knitting … and guess what? IT FITS! (see a tiny preview pic to the left. bonus shot of my toilet included.)

I am so so excited about this, y’all.  I don’t mind ripping things out when they aren’t going to work, but I have been wanting to knit a skirt for so long.  I’ve decided to do the lace from the Indigo Ripples skirt pattern at the bottom of this one instead of the lace from the Sawtooth Skirt pattern, because I am lazy. (The Sawtooth Skirt pattern has you knit the bottom separately and sew it on.) Now I’m knitting like a crazy woman because I can’t wait to wear this skirt! Right in time for warmer weather, too. Hooray!

We had such a nice weekend. The weather was amazing here – sunny, breezy, warm. We went to a birthday party for our friend Hayes on Saturday and Charlie had so much fun playing outside.  Hayes got a water table for his birthday, and those things are FUN.

water table!

On Sunday, Charlie got to hang outside and watch his dad do yard work – one of his favorite activities.

Charles in charge.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too :)


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    I have a bunch of skeins of Linen Jeans in the same exact color, lol. I got it for a top that I recently admitted I would never knit or wear…so I guess I’ll be copying you and making a skirt 😉

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    Making a skirt is something I have also wanted to try and make one of these days. There’s so many projects I want to get to, but it seems there’s never enough time, and also, I never like to start a new project, until I have finished the one I’m working on. (It’s this new habit I would truly like to implement in my life).

    Anyway, your skirt looks really nice. And the color works too.

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