Finally finished.

I finished my skirt (Rav link)!

Sawtooth skirt (with indigo ripples at the bottom)
Finally! Finished!

and I really, really love it. See?

Appropriately excited about my skirt.
I am dancing a jig!

It’s super swingy and comfortable.  I put elastic at the waist and could probably cinch it even a little tighter, but it’s totally wearable as it is. I’m wearing a (borrowed) slip in these pics, and I think I’ll definitely need to wear a slip with it, but I don’t mind at all.

The body of the skirt is the Sawtooth Skirt, and the lace at the bottom is from the Indigo Ripples pattern. I sort of chickened out on the lace in the Sawtooth Skirt pattern, but this worked out perfectly.

The yarn – Berroco Linen Jeans – seems like it’s going to hold shape pretty well.  I soaked and blocked it and the yarn felt really strange when it was wet, but once it dried, it’s nice and soft and comfortable again. I have to admit – I love the result, but I did not love the process of knitting this skirt. It’s just so. much. stockinette.  I’ll probably wait a little while before trying again, but I bet I’ll knit another skirt in the future. Now that this one is done, I can concentrate on some other summer knits. and baby knits, for all the babies that are on the way in my life.

And maybe some big boy knits for Charlie, who is no longer a baby. OMG when did this happen?

totally a toddler.

Suddenly he is walking! and running! and wanting to be outside ALL THE TIME. We got some family portraits taken a few weekends ago (and we used ZoomWorks, who were aawesome), and he was all over the place – walking towards the camera, toddling around outside, and laughing a lot.

fun times.
silly schmoo.

I’m looking forward to summer and hot weather and taking lots of fun weekend trips with my family!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh when did your kid get so BIG?! He is such a freaking schmoo. And I love your skirt and while I totally hear you on the “miles of stockinette are boring to knit thing,” I think I’ve been in a miles of stockinette mood lately. Hmm.

  2. says

    Oh Charlie has grown up so much and is very cute indeed. Your skirt looks fabulous, and I look forward to seeing all those baby and toddler knits your going to do.

  3. says

    Charlie is so freaking cute! I love how he is hamming it up for the camera. (Quite a contrast to my daughter, who is afraid of her own shadow and would be screaming and clinging to me for dear life if someone tried to take her picture.)

  4. says

    1. your skirt is awesome.
    2. you and your family are adorable. truly.
    3. I think I have the shirt you are wearing in one of those pictures if you got it from Banana. :)

  5. says

    That skirt is adorable (and I’m no knit skirt lover btw) so nice work! I also love that you “borrowed” a slip…how does one do that? Luckily Kohls has them for like $6 so no more asking around the office if your coworkers are sporting lingere (though that would be much funnier).

    Charlie is literally the cutest baby/toddler ever. Literally.

  6. says

    Your skirt is fantastic and I can’t believe Charlie is a toddler now! It just seemed like the other day you were posting about being pregnant!

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