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hi there! It’s been about a month since I last posted, and it has flown by. I’m feeling a lot better energy wise, although I’m still not sleeping very well. I guess it’s good practice for actually having a baby in the house, right? or that’s what I keep telling myself…
Otherwise, I feel great! I’ve been doing prenatal yoga twice a week, and it’s been such a good experience. I’ve never taken any yoga classes before, and this has been an awesome introduction. I’m actually thinking about picking up another class because I just love the way it makes me feel – I’m feeling strong, and more relaxed about things, which is a big deal because o hai I am so anxious normally.
I’m 16 weeks now – we’ll be getting our 20 week ultrasound in about a month, and then we find out if it’s a boy or a girl! We definitely want to know, and man, I am excited about the ultrasound. We’ve had two this whole time – one at 5 weeks and one at 7 weeks – and we still haven’t had one where the baby looked like, well, a BABY. so we’re both really looking forward to seeing the tiny schmoo.

365.2.233 comfy shirt.
yep, I’ve got a belly now.

What else is new? I’ve been knitting a bunch on my Smock , and I’m getting there! I need to take a picture – I’ve almost finished the back and it looks like it will fit me, even as my belly gets bigger.
I’ve also been sewing here and there – I’ve started a few quilting projects. One is a string quilt, using the fabulous tutorial by film in the fridge and two jelly rolls of the Hello Betty fabric line from Moda:

Bit by bit.
string quilts are so. fun.

The squares are about 4.5 inches, which means I’ll need approximately eleventy million to make an actual quilt, but I’m having a blast with them.
I’ve also started some log cabin squares:

Wonky log cabin squares.
Wonky log cabins!

These are also so fun. It was hard for me to pick fabrics at first, but I’m trying to just relax and see what looks good and not stress too hard about it. Both of these projects have potential as baby quilts, or wall hangings – who knows? I’m really enjoying making the squares right now.
ooh! I want to tell you about our new rug too. So I got an email way earlier this year from someone at, saying they were interested in sending me a free rug of my choice if I would do a review on my blog. I was kinda thinking about, but then I mentioned it in passing to Jacob, who was all, UM YES DO THAT PLEASE, we need a freaking rug for the front hall. So! we agreed, and we picked out this rug.
It came almost right away, and it’s actually pretty awesome. It’s not the softest rug (it’s made from cactus fibers), but since it’s in the front hall, I think it’s okay.

new rug.

It got dirty after about one week due to a sick doggy (poor Bella), and we were able to clean it super easily with water – you can’t even tell anything was wrong with it. Our hall is a pretty high traffic area, and it’s holding up very nicely after a month. And as a bonus, Bella absolutely freaking LOVES this rug. She lays on it constantly – it’s kind of like her home base in the den.

o hai, this is MY rug

So, we’re super happy with this rug. Thanks to csnrugs for sending it our way!
I’m off to knitknitknit and maybe sew some more. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  1. says

    Congrats about the great news, guess I missed your last post(sorry)!
    Just to warn you people will try to scare you and tell you to enjoy the sleep now(ha), I was so worried because pregnancy sleep sucks bad(as in I was in tears nightly because it sucked so bad for me…hope it won’t get that bad for you). But you’ll be happy to know that sleep after pregnancy(even with a newborn) is a zillion times better. So worth it all in the end though:)

  2. says

    Ooh, I’m loving the log cabin squares!
    SQUEEE! Your belly is so cute! And also, I was just thinking the same thing about sleep. That must be it. :)

  3. says

    I love your baby belly! So cute! FYI, I secretly want you to have a girl because the clothes are sooooo much cuter. A boy would be ok too, but the clothes!

  4. mai says

    awwww poor bella schmoo! maybe she got sick on purpose to mark her spot on the rug! also, look at your bump! the shirt you’re wearing in that photo is too appropriate :)

  5. says

    Oh, I am loving that string quilt. Thanks for providing the link! I need to feed another hobby, you know.
    Can’t wait to hear what little schmoo will be!

  6. says

    Cute dog! Cute quilt! I really like the rug too.
    The first few weeks after the baby comes will be hard sleep wise. But they do get to the point where they start sleeping through the night!

  7. says

    You look very cute with your little poochy tummy. It will be so exciting to hear if you’re having a boy or girl! Great job on the quilt squares – string and log cabin. That baby is going to have some beautiful crib quilts!

  8. says

    This is the first time I visit your blog. I just want to say I love it.
    Bella looks so cute with her new rug, I can guess she’s been so happy, right 😉

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