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hi there! My semester is finally, finally over. I have some tiny things left to do (burn a project on CD for my professor, that sort of thing) but mostly I’m done. and it feels NICE. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
I even had time to finish the Mingus socks! I gave them a bath last night, and they are blocking on a towel right now. Once they are dry, they will be traveling to see Miss Emily, woo-hoo!!!

365.115 sock bath
I posted on Flickr, and the thumbnail apparently looked like I was washing spinach. or maybe kale. hee.

I am so happy with these socks. I am also glad they are not in my size, so I’m not tempted to do a switcheroo and send Emily so Wal-Mart tube socks instead of these. (I AM TOTALLY KIDDING.) And these are officially my FIRST finished object of 2008! isn’t that insane? Hi, it only took me almost 5 months to completely knit something. I AM SLOW.
So, I picked up an old unfinished object so my next finished project will be gratifying and quick. It’s Anais. When you last saw her, she looked like this:

Anais in progress.
This is a front.

I’m now up to the shoulders on the back, and then I’ll be seaming her up. I’m still trying to decide what to do about the sleeves. I’m not really feeling the sleeves on the original pattern, so I’m thinking about some cap sleeves instead. Or, maybe just making it a sleeveless top? Opinions?
Speaking of opinions, let me get yours on another little situation. A fabulous blog friend from back in the day (thanks, Vanessa!) emailed me this week because of a little sign she saw when she was shopping at AC Moore:

Somebody at AC Moore
Wait a minute….

This is a sign advertising their knitting classes – notice the Carrieoke cartoon on the sign?
Now, my dear friend Mary Jessica drew that for me years ago, and it’s been on my blog for a long time. At first we were like, HEE! that is funny. And then we thought about it…and they should’ve asked, ya know? Mary Jessica is a writer and an illustrator, and her work belongs to her. I’m totally assuming the best here and thinking that whoever downloaded the cartoon just didn’t realize that it wasn’t free clipart.
So, what should we do? For starters, I’m going to make it clearer on my site that the illustration belongs to Mary Jessica, and that it’s not okay for people to take. (I think I might add a copyright statement to the bottom of the actual image.) And actually, in this case, I probably would’ve been okay with it (after checking with Mary Jessica), as long as they credited MJ at the bottom of the image.
But, I think we should communicate to whoever borrowed it that it’s not okay to just download it and use it, just so they know for future reference. It seems like a letter would be the best way to go about it – what do you think? I do think it’s cool that they liked the drawing enough to want to use it on their sign, BUT, they should have asked.
So. bizarre!
Well, I’m off to enjoy this lovely Saturday. I’m going to knit some, and maybe even put a border on my quilt. It’s so awesome to not have schoolwork to think about. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!


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    Woo hoo! I am SO. EXCITED. about the Mingus socks! They look awesome, and they will feel right at home here in my kale-spinach-and-chard-lovin’ household. Thank you thank you!

  2. says

    Oh, you should definitely say something. Is that being used locally, or throughout the chains nationwide? I’d approach it with a light “hey, you might not have realized it, but…” attitude and see what kind of response you get. Add the copyright. You know you have all of us faithful readers as witnesses that it was used here “first” if you need confirmation.
    Congrats on finishing classes and on your knitting.

  3. says

    I’d love to see Anais with cap sleeves–I agree with you about the original sleeves, but I’m not quite sold on the sleeveless ones on ravelry. I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up doing!

  4. says

    Okay, so at first I thought, well, maybe they did a google image search…so I typed knitting, cartoon, jpg…and you know what did come up? You in your orange wig…
    I think a letter/email directly to that store would be a good thing. They might ignore it all together or point out that there is no (c) symbol on it now…but that isn’t the point and really should know better.
    Congrats on your FO…I can’t actualy remember if I’ve finished something this year yet.

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    congrats on finishing your semester! I have 2 weeks of teaching then revision for 3 exams before I am free for the summer. I can’t wait, there is so much sewing I want to do but my sewing table also doubles as a study table so have to wait as it’s full of books of paper at the moment. I have to go into the lab to do some work for my research paper over the summer but I can do that I when I choose.
    I would definetely write a letter about the cartoon, it seems a bit off just taking something like that, especially as imo it is pretty obvious that it isn’t free clip art but something done specifically for you

  6. says

    well, 2 things. i think the top would rock sleeveless, it just looks really pretty as is, the straps have a nice shape and then you would have another FO real quick. second, i think your take on the cartoon is both generous (to give them the benefit of the doubt) and correct (to not let them just use it). i would sens an email or letter to let them know it is flattering but not okay. it is weird that they would just take it, i mean, i see cute stuff on the net but do not ever thing of using it like that. hmmm. gotta’ let ’em know.

  7. says

    Yeah…that isn’t cool for them to just take that without asking! And I kind of equate your “no school” thing to my “no work” thing. It was so strange to not have anywhere I NEEDED to be. I’m only now starting to enjoy it. But alas, the money is running out.

  8. says

    I like that top sleeveless…I thought it was supposed to stay that way :-) You may try it that way and make sure it’s not going to be gapey in the armpits, I hate that. Counting the days to this weekend!!!

  9. says

    Your Anais is going to be gorgeous – can’t wait to see the FO. I agree with everyone else who has said to write a letter informing the company of copyright infringement, for sure.
    Yay for being done with school! Only another 10 days for me…

  10. nicole says

    As far as I know everything is automatically copyrighted, if you don’t want it to be you need to state that it’s not. So they have actually stolen what’s the designers. Yes, let them know that you’re concerned, that the designer has been notified and that you’ll think about further actions.
    I mean AC Moore is not a little LYS, it’s a really big company, they really should know better.

  11. says

    It doesn’t matter if there is a copyright on the image or not…works of artistic value are copyrighted anyways, and the copyright notice you have already in existence on the bottom of the blog page is enough notice. I would still add a specific reference to the drawing belonging to MJ, and when you send your letter, make sure you mention that you have spoken with legal representation (even if you haven’t!) and that you are willing to let them continue to use the image if they give her proper credit for it AND PAY HER FOR THE RIGHT TO DO SO!! AC Moore is a large company, they could afford it…
    Make sure you send a copy of the letter to both the local store manager and the corporate legal department! They are stealing intellectual work, and as a writer, that pisses me off!

  12. says

    totally envious that your semester is over (one week and two days….gah).
    I think the anais would look really nice with capped sleeves. I think the sleeveless may look unfinished, as the sweater doesn’t scream “vest” to me. The color is really pretty!
    Definitely speak to someone at the store. I am sure it was an honest mistake — the sign doesn’t look like it came from “corporate headquarters”. There are SO many other free knitting images to take — or if they work at a craft store maybe the employees should be able to draw something themselves? (one would hope)

  13. says

    Hey Carrie!
    Thanks for posting about this! I totally agree about sending a letter. Maybe during Tommy’s nap today I’ll write up a little draft and send it to you and you can tinker around with it (or vice versa). Together, we will stick it to the volturi- I mean, man. Sorry.
    It’s so crazy!

  14. says

    You know … they should know better, but they just might not. I’d say a letter is definitely in order, but not a full-scale attack involving lawyers or anything!

  15. says

    I think you should keep it sleeveless if you have fantastic armpits, or have a very, very fitted-sleeved shirt to put underneath.
    As for the copyrighting… I think it’ll all be fine.. good to know people are on your blog, eh?

  16. says

    I fully agree with sending them a letter letting them know that it’s not okay to take images from your website without getting permission. Ask them to remove the sign. I know it feels weird, and every time I send off an email to someone who has posted one of my photos on their blog (it happens more often than I’d like, believe me) I feel like a jerk, but I think it’s really important that we assert ourselves and protect our content. So be nice but firm, and don’t apologize! (ie, don’t say “Sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to remove the signs.)
    Fantastic blocking on that Anais! So flat and schmoo! I mean, smooth!

  17. Brandy says

    I wonder if one route would be to contact the knitter who’s doing the lessons and ask her if she created the signs or if AC Moore did. It seems very unknitterly to appropriate your image without permission. Anyhow, my curiosity led me to this site (, which might be helpful. Good luck!

  18. Kim K. in PA (kfour on Ravelry) says

    So not cool to use your image. They need to be made aware of the “theft” and pronto. You can’t steal an image and a company the size of AC Moore should know that. Love your Anais and your blog. Keep up the good work and congrats on the end of your semester.

  19. says

    Congrats on wrapping up another semester! Woo hoo!!
    Playing knitting “catch up” is agreeing with you – the socks and Anais are gorgeous.
    I think a “friendly note” is definitely in order for that knitting store…hmmm….amusing, though. It IS a cute drawing!

  20. Liz in IL says

    I definitely think you should let them know, but maybe just that particular store? (S)he might have done a Google image search and just grabbed the coolest graphic (s)he could find (Way to go, Mary Jessica!) – and it’s probably not hanging in every AC Moore store. The internets is so cool (you can share so much) and not so cool (stuff gets “taken”) at the same time.

  21. says

    I think a polite letter to that A.C. Moore will do it. It was probably created by the $7/hr chick (or dude) who works in the knitting section (vs AC MOORE THE MAN). I doubt it’s hanging up in any of their other stores. Still not cool, but it’s likely due to not knowing better or realizing the error…
    uh, and…SEE YOU FRIDAY!!!

  22. says

    That ain’t cool, yo. They should ask before they gank your stuff; but then again, it wouldn’t be ganking, but using with permission.
    I’m happy to hear that your semester is finally over! Now maybe you can have some fun instead of stressing over silly ol’ school all the time!

  23. says

    You should absolutely send a letter to the store.
    When I saw the flyer, I thought, “Cool! Carrie’s going to be teaching some knitting classes!”

  24. says

    At first when I saw that someone had used your signature drawing I felt really angry and I thought “that STORE stole your image!”…
    But then I calmed down and thought about it for a bit and realized that many of the people that work there are young college kids with temp jobs and this was probably the thoughtless act of an unenlightened kid, younger than my little sister. If you send a big “cease and desist” letter for copyright infringement it will turn into a big brouhaha and some kid will lose her job for her first mistake. I know that a lot of people feel very strongly about copyright – and don’t get me wrong, I feel very strongly that your image shouldn’t have been taken – but I’m trying to think about this in this particular circumstance. This was obviously not a store policy thing, but someone working there who cut and pasted it it onto a word doc.
    The thing is, if the people teaching these “knitting classes” are so unsavvy about the internet and they like your website so much, might they be using your patterns and your tips and tricks in their classes too?
    So my thought is… go to this store in person and ask for the person who made the sign. Then explain to her/him what was wrong and make sure that no other infringement is going to go on….
    Just my thoughts….

  25. says

    Say something. I’m a cartoonist, and I’ve had that happen to my work. Just let them know that they shouldn’t use the picture again (as they probably can’t get all the copies of flyer back), but if they’d like to, your friend has a rate sheet. If they give you *any* slack, let them know your friend will be sending a bill (even if she won’t), and to whom should it be addressed.
    It probably *wasn’t* some kid at the store (because AC Moore trusts NO ONE with its computers). It was most likely either the person in charge of coordinating the classes, or one of the knitting teachers – and they need to understand the difference between “free clip art” and “pictures found on people’s blogs” – especially since there’s a copyright notice right there on yours.
    (Okay, I’m reacting a little harshly here, but really. Some people just don’t get that “internet” doesn’t mean “free”!)

  26. The Truth says

    Regarding the borrowed knitting image, there’s really only one thing you can do. Take a baseball bat down to the store and smash the hell out of the place, I mean just break everything you see. After demolishing the place and threatening the workers with unintelligible grunts, just walk out. Don’t talk or explain anything to anyone.

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