I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August. Time is flying around here – my wedding is in less than 2 months, I’ve been at my new job for almost 3 weeks, and our air conditioning has been broken for exactly 2 hours. Two sweaty hours. Dear Lord. This weather is CRAZY. Twice this week, I got in my car at the end of the day and my temperature gauge said 108. I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life, and this is the hottest summer we’ve ever had.
Did I mention that our air. conditioning. is not. working?
So, I’m sitting here with a very hot laptop on my lap, under a ceiling fan, thinking about knitting, but it’s almost too hot to knit. I was working on a lovely camisole from Knitting Lingerie Style – but it makes me hot just to think about knitting with a wool alpaca blend right now. So, I’ve been working mostly on my never-ending Chevron Scarf:

chevron scarf

I’ve decided to just knit it until I have the yarn runs out. I’m using two skeins of Socks That Rock, alternating the skeins every two rows…like probably a million other Chevron scarves that you’ve seen in KnitBlogLand. I was inspired by Dogged Knits Ashley and Domesticat. I’m too hot to link (edited to add: AC at work = adding links in the morning.) SO HOT. I’m a hot, lazy blogger.

Chevron Scarf
This is gonna be a super long, pretty scarf, if I can persevere to the end of the skeins.

Sorry I’m Grumpy Complainypants. The temperature hasn’t been below 100 in days. Weeks. I’ve just been working hard at the new job and working on wedding stuff. Invitations have gone out, and we’ve even been working on the centerpieces…

This is what we have to wear to work on centerpieces.
We are so serious about centerpieces.

I even got a veil. Not gonna post a picture of that because the Pants is not to be trusted. (the Pants are not to be trusted? Hee.)
So. how’s that for a lame catch-up post? I miss blogging frequently. I need to make more time in my schedule for it. I can’t complain too much though – my busy schedule is mostly due to a job I love and an upcoming wedding. Things are good.

I’m a tad sweaty, but I can still smile in pictures.


I confess: my Sockapalooza socks came early, and instead of being a good Socker and waiting until August 2, I ripped into the package. Immediately. And found these lovelies inside:

My Socks!

And also…

My pal totally spoiled me!
A lovely knit pouch and a needle holder.

I love it all! The socks are super soft and they fit perfectly, and I’ve been using the pouch to tote my iPod around! (And did you see the adorable fabric on the needle holder?) These lovely gifts are courtesy of Elke. She is in Germany, and blogless (hi Elke) and she’s a totally awesome Sock Pal. Thanks so much, Elke! I’ve been so lucky with Sockapalooza, and this year was another great time.
My pal’s package went out already, and I’m crossing my fingers that she likes the socks and they fit…
So. I’ve been a busy girl, with the new job and the wedding getting really, really close…Accccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk. Our invitations are almost done (we’ll be printing and cutting this weekend) and they feature a drawing by my dear friend Mary Jessica (who also drew the Carrieoke on the side of the blog). They also feature graphic design by my super talented brother-in-law David. Gotta love having the artistic friends and family!
Speaking of friends and family, my sisters Michelle and Cathy and my dear AM threw me and Jacob a kick-ass wedding shower this past weekend! There was extremely delicious food, and lots of booze, and lots of laughing, and an abundance of gifts… including…

Wii Steering Wheel
A Wii Steering Wheel!
(Let’s hear it for registering at Target!)

It was a fabulous weekend, indeed.
Well, I need to go address wedding invitations. Here’s another confession: I sort of like addressing wedding invitations. And also? We forgot to book a hotel room for our wedding night. NOT STRESSED.