Lonely at work

So, for some unknown reason today, my blog went kaplooey for about an hour or two … I kept getting this weird error message instead of my site, and I COULDN’T ACCESS ANYTHING. Not my stats page. Not movable type. And I felt…so alone. Aaack! When did I become so freakin’ attached to my web site? I mean, I love posting to this, but I was totally freaked out. I emailed my sister repeatedly..”where is my blog? can you see it? someone hacked it, omigod..” So, now I know how much this little site means to me…it’s like my little connection to the rest of the world.
But, everything is fine now, so hooray, and of course I immediately need to post something. Anything. So here I am.
In knitting news, we had knitting group last night. It was pretty small…only four of us…but I got a lot of knitting done on Christmas Gift #2 (for Michelle my older sister.) My mom’s Christmas Gift #1 is completely done, except for wrapping it, and maybe one little accessory addition. I only have 14 knitting days left til Christmas so I need to get cracking on 4 more Christmas Gifts. Eeks. I will be posting pictures of ALL the presents after I give them, which will be a gloriously fun post, especially before and after pics of felted items. Yay.
The new Knitty is up, and I used Rob’s fabby article about felting when I was felting Christmas gift #1. I definitely would have destroyed my washing machine without his advice. Thanks Rob! I also love these things about Winter Knitty:
**Stef has a pattern! The SX3 are totally cool AND useful, and check out Stef’s adorable picture at the bottom. What a rockstar.
**This BabyTart pattern is so freaking cute that I want to make one for myself. But instead, I will find an adorably delectable baby to knit it for. Perhaps my new step-nephew, Mason?
**Flappers. They are so rad. I’m definitely knitting these for me!
And all the other patterns totally kick ass too. Yay Knitty for another kickin’ issue.
So much to knit, so little time! I’m off to work hard for my last hour so I can go home and get an hour and a half of knitting in before play rehearsal tonight. I can do it!


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    Isn’t it weird how totally attached we get to these things? It’s like our baby – sometimes I just pop by mine to make sure everything’s all right, play with a few things, move things around… Knit away and enjoy rehearsal!

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    Glad your site is back up!
    We have database backups once a day. Sometimes, a server doesn’t reload properly afterwards. It doesn’t last long, though. But I need to email you to see if you have uploaded any .htaccess files. Write me to let me know if you have :-)

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    Hello! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! You are right, the Baby Tart pattern is gorgeous (as is the wickle baby wearing it), I think it’s the frill around the pastry crust that really makes it. Glad your felting/fulling went well – felting rocks!

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    Glad to see you!
    I know what you mean about how it feels when things are down…isolated, scary…but it’s ok. Deeeeeeeep Breeeeaaaaath.